Mitch & Ellicia (Australia)

Mitch & Ellicia (Australia 澳洲)

香港的朋友對他們都不會陌生 -- 2013年在香港的世界Bachata錦標賽中勇奪冠軍!其他戰績包括2015澳洲Bachata比賽冠軍及紐西蘭、波多黎各等地賽事冠軍/得獎者。表演、教學都經驗豐富,足跡遍佈四十幾個國家。

主打:Bachata - Sensual, Modern, Traditional

Mitch and Ellicia are one of the longest established Latin Dance Couples in our current scene today. They have truly made their mark on the Latin Dance industry in Australia, Europe and Asia, as well as bedazzling many corporate and commercial clients worldwide.

Experts in Salsa, Bachata - Sensual, Modern, Traditional and Bachatango, together they are the 2013 WORLD BACHATA CHAMPIONS, 2 x 2015 Australian Bachata Champions, 2012 and 2013 Australian Salsa Open Champions, the 2013 New Zealand Dancesport Latin Champions for Salsa and Bachata, and semi finalists at the 2012 World Salsa Open Puerto Rico

They are Directors of Latin Motion Dance Academy in Sydney and the creators of their online School Dance With Me Online (

Between them they have 35 years experience in the dance industry, and their diversity in dance style expertise sets them apart from many other Latin acts, having extensive training combined in Salsa, Bachata, Bachatango, Zouk, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Tap, Cabaret, Bollywood, Burlesque, and Adage.

Their successful careers have taken them to more than 40 countries teaching and performing many dance styles, thus making them one of Australia's most travelled professional dance couples.

Known for their very detailed and technical but fun and witty teaching style, Mitch and Ellicia's favourite thing in the world is to forward their knowledge and expertise to the students of the scene.

Nelson Campos (Portugal)

Nelson Campos (Portugal/UK 葡萄牙/英國)

生於西非的幾內亞比紹,其後移居葡萄牙及英國的Nelson 是很多成功的Kizomba 老師的師傅!學生遍佈亞洲、歐洲及世界各地。教學細致又耐心,着重 Lead 與 follow 的技巧,保證你在舞池上與誰跳也能揮灑自餘! 他亦擁有英國UKA, BDC認證的專業教舞、評審資格。

主打:Kizomba, Semba, Afro-Moves

The  Man  who  makes  miracles  on  the  dance  floor!  Mr.  Nelson  is  the  driving  force  behind many  successful  Kizomba  teachers  and  dancers  in  Asia,  Europe  and  across  the  globe. Teacher  of  teachers  and  one  of  the  best  and  most  experienced  instructors  and  performers of  Kizomba.  Any  opportunity  to  watch  and  learn  from  him  is  an  opportunity  not  to  be missed! Nelson  doesn’t  just  teach  steps  or  choreographed  routines,  he  really  teaches  you  how  to dance,    how  to  understand  leading  and  following  techniques,  so  you’ll  be  able  to  dance with  anyone  on  the  dance  floor  and  do  it  smoothly  and  gracefully.  No  wonder  why  he  is called  the  “KIZOMBA  GURU” Based  in  the  UK  since  1999,  Nelson  was  born  in  West  African  country  of  Guinea-Bissau and  then  moved  to  Lisbon  -  Portugal  where,  in  his  youth,  discovered  many  Salsa  and African  clubs.    He    was  able  to  entertain  crowd  after  crowd  with  his  dancing  abilities. Nelson  is  invited  to  teach  all  over  the  World  to  share  is  Kizomba  knowledge.  Very  passionate  and  patient  when  teaching,  Nelson  ensures  his  classes  are  energetic  and  full  of  fun.   He  teaches  also  Semba,  Salsa  on  1, Afro-Moves,  and  Bachata Qualified  as  a  professional  dance  teacher  with  prestigious  dance  organisations  such  as UKA (United  Kingdom  Alliance  of  Professional  Teachers  of  Dancing  and  Kindred  Arts)  and licensed  adjudicator  by  the  BDC  (British  Dance  Council)  he  always  ensures  a  high  quality teaching. Nelson  is  the  creator  of  the  World’s  first  Kizomba  Instructional    DVD  series  I,  II,  III  &  IV which  was  a  huge  success.

Fly (Brazil) & Sofia (Russia)

Fly & Sofia (Brazil, Russia  巴西,俄羅斯)

Sofia的嬌媚與來自巴西熱情的Fly可以說是冰與火的完美結合! 於去年的香港夏日BK節,他倆的課堂與表演都大獲好評!今次再次來香港與大家再分享他們最擅長的Bachata, Zouk, Kizomba, Lady styling 等,同學們有福了!

Born in Russia, Sofia started ballroom dancing at age nine. With formal training in singing and dancing, Sofia had won prestigious ballroom dancing competitions and events throughout Eastern Russia. Talented & versatile, her other dance styles include Jazz, hip-hop...etc 

Fly was born in Brazil.  His Brazilian dance styles includes: axe, forro, Zouk, samba de gafieira and samba.

Since they joined forces, they have already travelled to many cities in China and abroad, teaching and performing. They are the returning artists from 2017 HK Summer Bachata & Kizomba Festival.

Nadia (UK)

Nadia (Ghana / Italy / UK)

Based in UK, Nadia's dance history includes 10 years Latin and Ballroom, Salsa, Lambada, Samba, Kizomba and Semba.

She was a member of the BBC's 'Come Dancing' Show. Nadia also won UK professional Salsa Champion in 1999 and the Runners-up professional European Salsa Champion in 2000.

Travelled and performed in many countries and major events such as Notting Hill Carnival,  1st London Salsa Congress, Nadia had been invited to dance festivals spanning 5 continents! She's a returning artist to our HK Summer Bachata & Kizomba Festival. She is the Director of NG Entertainment UK.

Riquita (UK)

Riquita (Angola / Portugal / UK)

Born in Angola, raised in Portugal and later based in UK, Riquita has been dancing all her life from Passada (Kizomba dance at its infancy) to Retro Zouk, Semba to full on Kizomba dancing and teaching.

Riquita won her first Kizomba competition in 1992. In 2004, Riquita started teaching with Kwenda Lima, the first ever Kizomba teachers in London. With nearly 30 years of dancing experience, Riquita is one of the most sought after and respected Kizomba teachers and judges in the UK.

Riquita is currently NG Entertainment UK’s training director and Instructor.

Marcos (Brazil) & Alina (Guangzhou)

Marcos (Brazil) & Alina (Guangzhou)

Marcos, born in Rio de Janeiro has lived and taught in Madrid, New York, Portugal, Australia, Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh for many years. His diverse background includes Funk, Hip Hop as well as Zouk, Bachata, and Latin Rhythm Aerobic.

Alina is the Director of A Dance Art Centre in Guangzhou. A celebrated instructor, dancer and organizer of dance events in Guangzhou, Alina together with Marcos have been teaching Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk and more on local and international stage.

Papi Ruso (Australia) & Shirley Kent (HK)

Papi Ruso (Australia)

Alexey is an Australian-based Latin DJ known as Papi Ruso.  Papi became a well-known Australian DJ and plays salsa, bachata, zouk,  kizomba, reggaeton and Cha-cha-cha. He has also produced many Bachata remixes for social dancing events around the world like Singapore Latin Extravaganza, Byron Bay Latin Fiesta and Melbourne Latin Festival. He was the  DJ at Bachata Melbourne where he plays on a weekly basis for over 500 regulars. He is also a Bachata instructor and current Australia Bachata Champion.

Shirley Kent (BOHK)

Shirley is actively promoting her love for Bachata on many fronts.Teaching, dancing, djing, organising weekly Bachata Night in Hong Kong as well as regular trips to International festivals to teach Bachata, and promote the genre.

Dj Ralph (USA)

DJ Ralph,  aka Dj Chicagoman (Curacao/USA)

Ralph has established as one of the region's prominent Djs and has played at some of Hzk's most popular salsa nights as well as international events.

A regular in International festivals of Hong for many years and a true professsional with a passion to please dancers on the dance floor.

Get ready to dance to Dj Chicagoman's excellent selection of music for dancers.

DJ Gia (HK)

Dj Gia (Hong Kong)

Burst onto the HK Salsa scene, and straight in at the deep end covering some of Hong Kong's top salsa parties and the Legendary Hong Kong Salsa Festival.

Dj Gia is an accomplished dancer and has already demonstrated high professionalism during her Dj sets, mentored by Dj Chicagoman and music loving friends from the Americas.

Enjoy Dj Gia's 2nd and consecutive appearance at 2018 HK Summer Bachata & Kizomba Festival

DJ Han Shayven
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