香港夏日BK節 2018.8.10~12

一年一度的香港夏日BK節快到啦 ☀️🍉



★3晚舞會 让你跳个够(五、六、日晚)、


★加强班 让你舞技更上一层楼👍


早鳥票 通票票價 *買5送1*

Full Pass Earlybird - Buy 5 get 1 FREE:

八月*/門票 August* / Door price: HKD 1500 RMB 1240

(*8月預售至8月4日。之後只能現場購票。門票有限 先到先得!)(Pre-sale ends on Aug 4th. After which you can purchase at the door. First come first serve!)





☆7月10前全通票可以免費轉讓。(請發電郵至hksbkfestival@gmail.com,註明新名字與新電郵地址。其他渠道恕不受理) 7月10日之後每次更改我們收取費用¥100。


☆Full pass includes 2 days Workshops (8 hrs total) and parties on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It doesn't include Bootcamps.

☆Tickets bought are not refundable.

Full pass free transfer possible before July 10th. Please send your request of transfer by E-MAIL to hksbkfestival@gmail.com. Please include new participant's name and E-mail. We will not accept requests from other platforms.

Changes after July 10th will incur admin fee of HK$100 per change.


Join us for our annual Hong Kong Summer Bachata & Kizomba Festival starting on August 10th to 12th, 2018 featuring:

* 3 nights parties with Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa music

* Showtime (with Live performances)

* 2 days Workshops with top local and international artists for all levels

* great dancing with all stars, guests and overseas attendees and more...

You simply cannot afford to miss it!

See you all soon at the 4th Anniversary of Hong Kong Summer Bachata & Kizomba Festival

Let's Dance



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