What a great honour to present 2018 Hong Kong Summer Bachata and Kizomba Festival, with the love, help and association of partners, family and friends.

You who attended and/or cheered us on are a blessing to us and the event.

Sincere thanks to you.

It will be a great pleasure to see you again for another round of Summer Bachata and Kizomba Festival in Hong Kong in August, 2019.

Thanks to our wonderful artists and special guests

Mitch & Ellicia, (I am still traumatized from seeing Mitch's decade old underwear, please don't ask me for any details. You can refer to Mickey Lee, she too was there, but seemed to enjoy the experience, hmm)

Nadia, Riquita, Nelson Campos (my dear Kizomba teacher), Alina (my new drinking partner), Marcos, Fly & Sofia (my old drinking partners), Alex Alberola (danced with all ladies in HK), Alexey Pekarin, Yassine, Frank & Chris Wong.

Special thanks to

Shirley Kent, another year of behind the scenes designing lovely posters and banners for the Festival, promoting the event to friends and artists locally and overseas and teaching and demos during the event workshops and parties.

Ralph & Alison, your tireless effort of setting up and playing music every night of the Festival and your cool, calm and collected heads just makes everything that much more fun and easier. Thank you so much. <3

Picada Family: Another year of love and support from you, entertaining our guest from near and far. Our event is all the better for your love and support. Mucho Gracias un Besos

Fiesta HK: Thank you Poncho and Christopher Polanco,, When you are around, it's always Fiesta time.

Chris Polanco: Brother Chris, you are the man. Love you always. Mucho Gracias!

Emily Ma: Taking time off for Yeimy, come back soon. Love and miss you and sisters.

A&B Dance Academy. Always a pleasure to be at your first class studio. Thanks again for hosting us.

ShirlLe: Thanks for again organizing for local dancers to attend our event. Love you.

Brian Moran: come and see us in HK again soon

Ben Fas: the ladies are waiting for your charming dances. Hurry come back soon.

Kevin Liao: We love your photographs and videos. Thank you for sharing.

Jennifer, Queenie, Mona - your love and support is uplifting and wonderful. Thank you so much.

Rebecca Mak - every year you help us to fly. We adore you.

Christele Fok, Hosni, Joanna Wong, Laura Layfield, Laura Tse: We are so proud of your effort at last minute call up and produce outstanding work. Way to go. It was a pleasure working with you. Sorry to say, let's do it again soon haha.

Thanks again to Levels, Fire N Ice for our fun pre-festival parties.

Thanks to Consulate General of Angola for your love and support.

And of course to the Govt of HKSAR for enabling us to host international festival events all these past couple of decades.

We couldn't mention all names, but certainly we so much appreciate every one of you, and wish you more and more success and happiness

Thanks for reading this great big novel.

See you soon on the dance floor.

With love and best regards from 852 Salsa

Joseph & Rita

Team 852 Salsa

Hong Kong Summer Bachata & Kizomba Festival

Hong Kong Salsa Festival & World Championships (HK)


Today is last day of Pre-sale (advance payment for tickets). Please contact hksbkfestival@gmail.com or website hksbkfestival.simdif.com or wechat ID: ritaennin (for payment in RMB/CNY).

If you are holding VIP card (pink card) but haven't got confirmation email from us please get in touch via hksbkfestival@gmail.com now!

**Lastly a quick reminder** if you want to transfer your full pass to another person, please email us at hksbkfestival@gmail.com with new participant's name and E-mail and also a payment receipt of admin charge of HK$100 per change. Thank



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